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For example the Uchihas Sharingan is quite similar to the Kurta Clans Scarlet Eyes in HxH and the Chunin Exams have similar elements as the Hunter Exams. I refused to consider that any anime could be better than Naruto.

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You could say I was the poster boy for Naruto fanati.

Naruto copy hunter x hunter. It also happens everywhere and Naruto isnt the only manga to take inspiration from HxH. I have no intention of starting a flame war I just wish to point out a couple of things I noticed and to see what others opinion on this is maybe even gain a new perspective. She was taught how to read and write which she learns quick but pretends to learn like her peers.

For little Naruko who was basically ostracized shunned and hated by everyone she definitely had plenty of time. But both had a Forest of Death stage and a Head to Head battle Stage. Nope the manga for HxH was made in 1998 while narutos was made in 1999 the 2011 HxH is only a remastered of the original anime which came out in 1999 so idk what ur talking about.

Ive been trying to find some similarities between the 2 shows because in my opinion I think that Naruto took a little too much inspiration from Hunter X Hunter. He has a special power he has yet to master and pursues the dream of destroying the Radiant and becoming the best Sorcerer known to humankind. Is it just me or did Naruto copy Hunter x Hunter.

Naruto leaves with a couple of his friends to rescue Sauske just like how Gon leaves with his friends to rescue Killua. Hunter X Hunter Believe me for a very long time I was a diehard Naruto fan. In this video I analyze the many similarities between Naruto and Hun.

Before everything else I need to tell you all that Hunter X Hunter Manga came out before Naruto. In fact I even thought Hunter X Hunter was weird. In HxH they had to steal the badges of the participants they assigned while in Naruto they had to take a scroll.

Perfect Copy Chapter 8 a Naruto Hunter X Hunter Crossover fanfic FanFiction. Some of things Im mentioning might be a little obscure but I think they are valid. 3 Hunter x Hunter.

Itd no wonder the writer of Hunter X Hunter went on hiatus he was probably freaking sick of Kishimoto copying his manga identically and coming off as more successful. OPM remodels Zeno into Bang Tower of God models the Khun family after the zoldycks and Bam in the beginning off of Gon. Hunter Exams Chūnin Exams – Forrest of Death Zevil.

Hunter x Hunter VS Naruto Similarities. Hunter x Hunter was released first which is what makes it seem like like Naruto took the inspiration not HxH. Naruto Manga MAL Says 1999 First published ANN says 2000 first published.

Seth who is essentially Naruto heads out to destroy these creatures with his friends Melie and Doc in tow. Arkanim94 4 years ago 4. GameFAQs is my life.

Naruto clearly took a lot of inspiration from HxH and while I personally dislike Naruto Im not going to say that the author straight up plagiarised HxH. When Naruko woke up that afternoon she lied about the job having prepared beforehand to tell the family her lie to Killua because he too was interested in the Spiders and she wasnt about to let her fiancee go out looking not when he just started. Hey guys its ya boi JustZSaiyan Talking about whether Naruto is a copy of HunterXHunter.

If you havent watched the animeread the manga for Hunter x Hunter AND Naruto then please dont try to start and argument. Now one difference I noticed was that there were 6 stages in the Hunter while there only 4 in the Chūnin Exams. Bruh you think that Kishimoto would copy an anime that relased one year ago like dude theres not even enough information or a fandom to be copied off from.

Kishimoto author of Naruto said himself that he drew inspiration of the characters and concepts in Naruto from Hunter X Hunter because he considers Yoshihiro Togashi author of HxH as his favorite manga author. They are called common tropes for a reason. Hunter x Hunter has done this too Mereum is based off of Cell RG to the 3 cyborgs etc.

There have been times that Naruto has been accused of ripping-off aspects of Yoshihiro Togashis long-running Hunter X Hunter manga. Naruto and Hunter x Hunter similarities Now im not here to bash naruto. Perfect Copy Chapter 1 a Naruto Hunter X Hunter Crossover fanfic FanFiction.

Actually Hunter X Hunter Manga is 1-2 years older than Naruto Manga. Hunter x hunter started march 1998 naruto started september 1999 narutos pilot one shot was released in 1997 but it was almost nothing like the actual series. Naruto is an copy of Hunter X Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter came before Naruto. If possible i would like to get ur guys thoughts on the similarities of both series cause clearly kishi has been inspired by some of the ideas of H X H. Story-wise Id say the only similarity is the hunter examchunin exam after that they both go in their own direction except maybe for the Sasuke retrieval arc which in concept and context is very similar to the Killua rescue mini-arc but far more dense.

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