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If you like this tipe. Not too mention hes married to the author of Sailor Moon so they are no doubt well off financially.

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From killer assassins to sociopathic clowns and every cute or noble person in between Im going to go over my current favorites from the series.

Is hunter x hunter popular. Hunter x Hunter is a show about fighting and growing and so an important aspect of the show is really figuring out the hierarchy of strength between fighters. The 1999 version came out around in the time of the anime boom in the US and it is pretty poplar in Japan where the west looked for what would be good to watch. Like most shounen manga series Hunter x Hunters most popular characters are often the guys however the girls are pretty badass as well and Buzz Plus News recently asked male Hunter x Hunter fans about who is their favorite female Hunter x Hunter character.

Those are a few potential reasons why Hunter x Hunter isnt more popular. First character popularity poll. Hunter x Hunter is one of the most well-written series out there and its popularity is proof of that.

Which is your favourite character. Togashi outright owns Hunter x Hunter while being very well respected so hes generally able to do as be pleasers on top of WSJ giving him a lot of leeway because the volumes still sell very well when they do come out. This page consists of the results of the Hunter Hunter character popularity polls conducted by Weekly Shounen Jump.

Data based on Google searches. Cute Bisky and because the 1999 series was very popular. Some of these characters are more memorable than others and catch the eyes of fans in a way that sometimes not even the main characters are able to.

Does anyone know why Hunter x Hunter isnt popular in the states. 1015 6 Illumi Zoldyck. I used MALs most favorite characters to find out who is the most popular character in Hunter x Hunter so the data should reflect reality at least somewhat accurately.

It was created in order to improve the quality of the animation ex. This numbers arent 100 accurate. This is both an internal concept of the show as many characters have certain rivalries and of course an external factor as many fans debate who would beat who in a fight.

A total of 472 votes were counted and here are the Top 10. Because of its shaky schedule people have either dropped or hesitate to start the series. Both the anime and the manga are loved by the fans and a.

Yu Yu Hakusho walks on similar territory. It is entertaining to see the main characters train and get stronger to be able to cool moves to defeat formidable enemies. It is an anime popular for action martial arts themes.

I cant speak for the majority of Europe but in America Hunter x Hunter isnt amazingly popular. The first four polls were NOT public however after another member of the forum suggested I make them public all the rest of the polls will be to prevent troll votes. 13498 3 Gon Freecss.

They rebooted the series to gain some more popularity. The 10 Best Anime Like Hunter x Hunter. Maybe its them maybe its cause there are just too many animes out there and not enough top spots.

I wouldnt say that it is unpopular but its popularity in Japan is far greater than it is in America. It gets stellar ratings from those who have seen it but the number of fans is still fairly low in comparison to other series. Hunter X Hunter is one of those rare shows that effortlessly excels on all fronts.

But even in a series this exceptional the Chimera Ant arc really stands out. I love it for its story characters and interactions plot direction and progression the writing the battles the glorious animation and music. Series like Hunter x Hunter often feature small main casts with tons of supporting characters since the characters tend to be constantly moving around and meeting new people.

Hunter Hunter 2011 is the reboot of the original series of 1999. Hunter x Hunter is popular for its action and martial arts themes. 1498 5 Leorio Paradinight.

Hunter Hunter is my favorite anime of all time. No question about it Hunter X Hunter 2011 is one of the greatest and most popular anime ever. Hunter x Hunter is one of my favorites series of all time spanning multiple arcs and genres to tell a constantly-changing narrative with hundreds of well-realized and interesting characters.

The story animation soundtrack voice acting and characters have all been masterfully handled. The score will show how popular the character is and all the characters will be ranked according to their popularity score.

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