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The Chimera Ant arc always holds a complicated place in my probably-too-large place in my heart for Hunter x Hunter. Instead of Gon and Kilua exploring the wonderful world that was set up they are instead shipped off to an island where a new species of basically super-powered-aliens are now the strongest beings to exist.

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Well personally I think this Chimera Ant Arc was not totally good or totally bad but it was somewhere in the middle.

Hunter x hunter chimera ant arc pacing. With the Dark Continent coming up Paristons 5000 Chimera Ants Gyro and Kites new Chimera Ant body I think theres still plenty of room in the story for more ants. Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant arc überspringen. Any ability to let your imagination run wild with the possibilities in Hunter x Hunter are crushed smashed by this arc.

Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant Arc Feats Pt. Im currently watching Hunter x Hunter 2011 version and im currently at episode 112 the fight in the palace. By Sage Ashford Published Jan 15 2020.

I sure hope we see more of them. Enjoy the videos and music you love upload original content and share it all with friends family and the world on YouTube. Oct 25 2017 3917.

The way this arc started was too unexpected and out of the blue. Ok so we know that this fight takes place in East Goruto. Gon Punches the Owl Ant to NGL.

Also es geht da ja gerade um diese Menschen fressenden Ameisen. Hunter x Hunterby many considered to be the greatest shonen. Meruem comes out on my top list for characters in general even beyond Hunter x Hunter.

Upon learning about Nen they grow much stronger than they already were at birth. I overall enjoyed it of course the series achieves several of its highest drama peaks during this arc. Hero One Winged Slayer.

The Chimera Ant arc is arguably the most crucial story arc of the Hunter x Hunter series to date and it plays a massive role in both the progression of the main characters and the worldbuilding in the story. How are you going to be like well besides him Also it was fortunate Netero did lure. As seen throughout the Chimera Ant arc theyre all incredibly powerful as even a regular Ant can kill a human if theyre not careful.

Now remember how I said that HxHs world map is just like a map of Earth but rearranged. I find myself annoyed at the constant interruption by the narrator and I was wondering if its ever going to stop or the rest of the fight is going to be slow narrated and for me personally seriously. RELATED10 Best Fights In Hunter X Hunter Ranked The arc sees a man-eating species known as Chimera Ants slowly take over the NGL and to deal with them Hunters are deployed in.

Chimera Ant arc discussion SPOILERS Thread starter HustleBun. Instead of Gon and Kilua meeting all the amazing people and. Do you think well see more of them in the near future.

First Prev 3 of 3 Go to page. Ich hatte überlegt den arc zu überspringen mir ist dann aber aufgefallen dass ich. Hunter X Hunters Chimera Ant Arc truly delivered an amazing story arc where humanity was no longer the Apex predator.

Ive seen tons of comments saying if you find this arc boring you have horrible taste and are too dumb for Hunter x Hunter Its like the Rick and Morty of the HxH fandom. Following the cast of Gon Killua Kurapika and Leorio Hunter x Hunter is a show about lice. Start date May 12 2020.

Chimera Ant arc Title Original airdate 076 Reunion And Understanding Saikai To Rikai サイカイトリカイ Apr 21 2013 Gon and Killua travel to Nigg who turns out to be Kite instead of Ging. Allerdings muss ich sagen dass ich das bis jetzt seeehr langweilig finde. Hunter x Hunter.

Is this the end of the Chimera Ants. The Chimera Ant Arc has to be one of the best shounen arcs Ive seen in a long timeLove you all so much thank you for all the supportBecome a Chibit Today. Since fans had witnessed so many of the mangas.

Spoiler Hunter x Hunter slow narration in chimera ant arc does it stop. Hunter x Hunter 2011. Kite tells Gon of his past and how he came to meet Gons father as well as protecting him and Killua from the Chimera Ants.

Gon sends a gorilla-sized owl ant back to NGL with Jajanken. Cablescalculations HunterxHunter Calculations March 17 2020 October 24 2020 4 Minutes. And backing up those opinions.

Share Share Tweet Email. May 14 2020 101 Gon is the main character of the series. The Chimera Ants Queen makes her debut also and reveals.

However I noticed a severe issue. Heyy ich schaue gerade Hunter x Hunter und bin aktuell bei Episode 80. Here are its best episodes.

On one hand its the arc that as fans were supposed to find the best. Now lets start 1Prologue. Just finished the hyper hyped blindly worshipped supremely famous Chimera Ants Arc of one of my favourite anime shows.

Who is your. Ok I understand that Ging sent Go. Comment Just wait until the Chimera Ant arc So much of the reboot for Hunter x Hunter was predicated on that line.

So far weve seen quite a bunch of Chimera Ants in the Hunter x Hunter series and heres a list of the 10 strongest of them all.

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