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Smoke Rises in Places Without Love 恋のない所に煙は立たない Koinonai Tokoro ni Kemuri wa Tatanai. But the Gintama Series Watch Order is not as simplified as you might think also there is a heck of Filler episode too.

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Simple information to Gintama watch in order 1.

Gintama watch order with ovas. Gintama Watch Order With Episode Count-Source. Enchousen is along with Gintama you will get total of 64 episodes. You can watch the OVAs whenever you want they dont have any specific place in the Gintama timeline.

Ill be adding lists to this topic which tells you where the various Movies OVAs and Specials fit chronologically into the timeline of the series. It is just one big series with 367 episodes 1 OVA Series 8 TV installments 4 Movies and 5 specials. Here is where stuff gets real.

Shinyaku Benizakura-hen The movie covers Episodes 58-61 Gintama Episodes 62-201 Gintama Episodes 51 Gintama. Enchousen Episode 13 Gintama Jump Festa Specials Episodes 3-4. It is predicated on the story of gintoki and kagura alien teen.

Watch Gintama one of many longest anime collection on the earth with our simple information and watch order. Nanigoto mo Saiyo ga Kanjin nano de Tasho Senobisuru Kurai ga Choudoyoi. If this order looks too confusing then you can just follow the release order.

This is release order of the series. Being one of many largest anime collection it has 367 tv episodes which began in April 2006 and completed in October 2018. 3-201 The arc at eps 58-61 was made into a movie.

809 24904 MAL. Season 1 episodes 1-49 and Gintama 2011 So you have got to begin with season 1 which consists of 49 episodes after which watch Gintama 2011 a sequel to the first Gintama anime series made in 2010. Gintama 2006-2010 Season 1 Episodes 1-49 Season 2 Episodes 50-99 Season 3 Episodes 100-150 Season 4 Episodes 151-201 Gintama 2011 Gintama.

Gintama Season 4 OVA. Gintama Watch Order. This is the chronological order to watch the show.

Silver Soul Arc Second Half War. The Gintama Series was not intended to run this long in fact the Series was Ended with a Canon Movie and was speculated that. They were a special to celebrate the series getting animated.

Gintama Episodes 1 and 2 are filler. I know a lot of people want to watch things in order and sometimes its pretty hard to find out or figure out the timeline yourself without getting sp. Gintama OVAs Love Potion and Jump Festa 2014 and 2015 Gintama Episodes 296-299.

249-252 Gintama was ending its airing yet again in Japan so these episodes are all hilarious but skippable. Sep 24 2005 Special 1 episodes 32min. Gintama is written by Hideaki Sorachi and has been made into animation by Dawn in 2005.

Watch it if you dont care about spoilers instead of the the arc in the series. Gintama is a Shounen Jump manga that was adapted into a TV anime series also highest rated Comedy Shonen Anime of all time. Gintama Episodes 3-57 Gintama Jump Festa Specials Episodes 1-2 Gintama Movie 1.

Enchousen 2012 Gintama 2015 Gintama 2017 Slip Arc 2017 Silver Soul Arc 2018 Silver Soul Arc Second Half War 2018 Movies. Gintama20062010 – It has 4 season consisting of 201 episodes. Gintama Watch Order.

492 494 Bundled with Manga Vol. Gintama 292-295 Gintama Love potion OVAs. 317-328 Gintama Silver Soul part 1 342-353 Gintama Silver Soul part 2354-367 Gintama Semi-final OVAs.

The order to watch Gintama is. The recommended order to watch Gintama is its Chronological order. Skip episodes 1 and 2.

Here is one possible viewing order taken from Gintama Reddit FAQ. Enchousen 2012 – Enchousen may not be seperated from Gintama. 896 233081 MAL.

What is the watch order of the series. Gintama 2011 – 51 episodes. 252 is about how the anime is ending yet again and the main cast apologizing to the audience Season 3 of Gintama.

It has 13 episodes. Gintama skip Benizakura arc episodes 58-61 First Gintama movie remake of Benizakura arc in 169 and added scenes Gintama Gintama Encho-whatever Gintama Yorozuya Forever. Apr 4 2006 Mar 25 2010 TV 201 episodes 24min.

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