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Ive seen all of it but wanted to know if anyone had any specific funny recommendations.

Gintama funny episodes. Im a little too lazy to format the way I usually did doujinshi sale 50 off. The main character of this show he is lazy sweets lover samurai who is the manager of the Yorozuya do. Wow never thought Id post here again in 2021.

10 Funny Gintama stand alone episodes Sakata Gintoki. Gintama The Final – OPED translations. 27 M Philippines.

Anzeige Neue DVDs jetzt vorbestellen. What is the funniest episode in gintama for you. Funny gintama episodes to rewatch when life got you down.

Now everything 50 off. A total of 367 episodes of Gintama have aired out of which only 22 are reported fillers with a low filler percentage of 6. Red Spider Arc 177-181 Well done youve made it far.

The final song translations of Gintama. The plot of Gintama is so subtle that anime watchers would find it hard to differentiate between the fillers and the canon episodes. One of the.

Like a typical Gintama episode it has a lot of funny scenes and also this is one of the better early episodes. Gintama Episodes 202 265 Gintama Episodes 266 316. Year 2006 Episodes 1 37 Year 2007 Episodes 38 87 Year 2008 Episodes 88 138 Year 2009 Episodes 139 201 Yorinuki Gintama-san.

A story on Otsuu-chan being the commander of Shinsengumi for a day to raise the latters reputation in Edo. Even though the anime dedicates a significant percentage of its 367 episodes to action and drama Gintama will always be predominantly recognized for its comedic roots. Im selling a big part of my doujinshi collection including books from Gintama fandom.

Keep an Eye On the Chief for The Day aired 05172007. Anyone got some funny ep recommendations for me. Which is saying something because the previous two funerals in Gintama were funny as hell.

166 Funny episode that shows the relationship between Gin and Hijikata skippable 167-170 Semi-serious arc but important 31 episodes reduced to 18 from Yoshiwara In Flames to Red Spider. Funny gintama episodes to rewatch when life got you down. Comedy made Gintama what it is but it is not just a comedy anime.

Dark Vader Gundam dick beam making fun of Renhos hairstyle causing the first episode to be banned. Gintama Episode List Edit Edit source History Talk 17 Special Episodes Movies. Which episode do you think is the funniest.

We get to see the sneak peek into Gintokis past and best of all we get introduced to our favorite clown Katsura. Here we go with the 4th major serious arc of Gintama. One of the main characters he is the son of a dojo place and a samurai in training started to.

Posted 32909 edited 32909. 49 Zeilen The episodes of the Japanese anime series Gintama were animated by SunriseThe first. To illustrate that point here are the shows funniest arcs and the ones with the best action.

This episode is where we meet Katsura for the first time The first two episodes dont count. Gintama is a series that has the likeliness of a weekly sitcom. My top favorite gintama episodes would have to be when Kagura is introduced in episode 4 and episode 5 with the bombs.

148 cr points. Just literally a filler episode but really funny especially how the Shinsengumi tried to follow all the demands from the kidnappers of Otsuu-chan. Anzeige Neue DVDs jetzt vorbestellen.

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